200 MG CBD PEPPERMINT COOLING RUB The dense moisturizing salve called Peppermint Cooling Rub was developed to replenish dehydrated skin, offer muscle ache relief, and stimulate regular inflammatory function. Nuisances such as cramps, scars, and pain receive soothing treatment with our unique formula. The product is suitable for skin types of all kinds, including people with sensitive or dry skin.
               Our rub is all-natural and contains ingredients like peppermint oil, CBD oil, MCT oil, and lavender, all of which stimulate a cooling feeling once applied.

The extract known as broad-spectrum contains all of the benefits of cannabinoids and natural compounds that come with hemp, but without the THC. 200 mg CBD Cooling Rub can be used to provide relief for minor pains and aches.


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  • To be used as necessary. Gently massage into areas on the body experiencing discomfort. The rub can be liberally applied to hydrate and repair skin from top to bottom.